Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


F@ck This Job

TV Dozhd – which means ‘Rain’ in Russian – is a phenomenon in Putin’s Russia. The last surviving independent national TV news outfit remains on-air as a YouTube channel more than a decade after its launch, as a bright, optimistic – and somewhat naïve – project of a rich and spoiled 35-year-old woman, Natasha Sindeeva. — Today, with Putin back in power possibly for life following controversial changes in 2020 to the country’s Constitution, numerous setbacks, and its recent official labeling as a «foreign agent,» TV Dozhd is older, wiser, and more sanguine about what the future holds in Russia. — [T]his is an important, valuable and timely documentary.

Nick Holdsworth, Modern Times Review

When Natalya Sindeeva started the television station Dozhd, the idea was for it to be about fun pop culture fluff. — F@ck This Job begins with a frivolous woman living in an optimistic country. Over time Dozhd shifts from a station about glamour to one that tackles the hard hitting issues Putin’s Russia does not want to be known for. As the channel shares more stories with its audience, the country puts up more roadblocks to prevent them from reporting. The attacks by the Russian government take a toll on the station and on Sindeeva herself. Financial ruin is imminent as Dozhd goes from being broadcast to millions of viewers to being streamed on YouTube from an apartment. — F@ck This Job is a powerful documentary that chronicles the changes in Russia while also showing the effects on one woman. It highlights the importance of free press while also making it clear that those voices also have to put themselves at great risk. 

Nathaniel Muir, AIPT

Language: Russian, English
Subtitles: English
Length: 104 min
Age Limit: K12
Year: 2021
Production Country: United Kingdom, Germany

Director: Vera Krichevskaja
Producer: Mike Lerner, Vera Krichevskaya
Production Company: Six Days Film, RoastBeef films
Screenplay: Vera Krichevskaya, Paulina Ukrainets
Editing: Adam Finch, George Cragg, Vera Krichevskaya
Cinematographer: Alexander Shelaputov, Danila Salkhov
Music: Simon Russell
Sound Design: Rustam Medov