Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


New Finnish Shorts

Sketch for the Last Map
dir. Lauri Astala

In the digital age, with the help of map applications, wandering the streets of a foreign city is easier than ever. Sketch for the Last Map overlaps the translucent indoor and outdoor spaces and questions what we miss out on, when we only stare at maps set on street view on our screens. The piece is a continuation of artist Lauri Astala’s earlier work, which explored the relationship between image and reality as well as the experiential and cultural traditions of portraying space.

Tytti Rantanen (translated by Milla Sairanen)

Cheating is Good for You
dir. Catarina Diehl

In this documentary enhanced by animated visuals, a middle-aged woman who has been cheating on her husband for decades tells her story. She recounts her long-lasting affair with a married man and reflects on marriage and extramarital affairs through the perspective of “the other woman”.

Cheating isn’t a problem, but rather something good, even justified. There’s no reason for regret. The body doesn’t wear down, the woman states, and wonders, whether people were created to be monogamous. Is it wrong to want to be with someone else? The woman’s story is narrated by Kati Outinen.

Marita Nyrhinen (translated by Milla Sairanen)

The Devils of Paasselkä
dir. Axel Straschnoy

In this production exploring the connections between natural and cultural history, artist Axel Straschnoy heads to Savonranta to learn more about the devils of Paasselkä. The locals tell stories of the strange optical illusion above the lake, the earliest sightings of which date back to the 18th century. According to some, it’s the devil himself; others claim it to be Pajari, a character so evil that even the devil didn’t want him. The present-day sightings become a part of the meteorite lake’s folklore.

Tytti Rantanen (translated by Milla Sairanen)

The Swirl
dir. Helka Heinonen

The Swirl is starkly beautiful images in soft pastel pink and twitchily advancing stop-motion. It begins when a primary school teacher invites a student on holiday. “In sixth grade, some say that the teacher isn’t so nice.”

Below the gentle surface there is a restless clatter, something seems wrong. The Swirl is a slowly unwinding, repressed trauma and an impressionistic probe into uncertain memory. It is a story that asks itself if it can be told. Did anything happen, is there anything to tell?

Aatos Ketvel (translated by Inari Ylinen)

Fabula Rasa
dir. Pieter-Jan Van Damme

Fabula Rasa is a film about regenerative agriculture and a filmmaker’s search for identity. In the short film, documentarist Pieter-Jan Van Damme follows the year-round life of his farm. As the seasons change, there are changes in the vegetation, and the filmmaker contemplates his own relationship with his craft. On the journey into the secrets of ecological farming, Van Damme creates a serene and meditative space for the viewer’s own self-reflection.

Jimi Rosling

For Summer
dir. Reetta Saarikoski

The magnificent Santa Cruz waterlily in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden blooms for two consecutive nights throughout the summer. The plant descends from a strain of seeds received over a hundred years ago. The past and present come together, as gardeners of older and younger generations handle the plant with confident tenderness and pass on their knowledge. In the midst of practical work, the images of greenness and glimmering water combined with soft pitter-patter makes the movie practically radiate peacefulness.

Mervi Herranen (translated by Milla Sairanen)

Morrison & Friends
dir. Paula Lehtonen

The premise of this short documentary by Paula Lehtonen is simple: the artist has invited people to her studio to hang out with a therapy alpaca. Everyone can choose for themselves, whether they want to actively seek contact with the animal and whether they want to entertain or be entertained by the alpaca. The alpaca either responds or doesn’t, in its own manner. With the tender approach, Morrison & Friends invites questions about our anthropocentric worldview and explores the coexistence of species.

Tytti Rantanen (translated by Milla Sairanen)

Language: Finnish, English
Subtitles: English, Finnish
Length: 128 min
Age Limit: K12
Year: 2021, 2022
Production Country: Finland