Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


The Mushroom Speaks

One of the saviors of the long and dark autumns of the Northern Hemisphere is the abundance of mushrooms in both the wilderness and local stores.

Instead of mushroom recipes, The Mushroom Speaks focuses on how mushrooms behave and what we can learn from their lives. Not only do mushrooms enliven the autumn season, they may also offer a solution to the problems resulting from the Anthropocene.

The world of mushrooms seems to be never-ending. Of the nine million species living on Earth, it is estimated that about five million are mushrooms. Only a fraction of them have been identified so far. Director Marion Neumann has put together a fascinating movie about a topic that is close to her heart: mushrooms and their possible uses.

Neumann gives voice to mushroom experts whose passion for the topic is palpable. Mushrooms and their uses are discussed from various different perspectives. We hear from experts such as a Zen priest, a doctor of psychiatry, a teacher from the Mycologos school, an anthropology professor and a few other dedicated, expert-level enthusiasts.

If terms such as mycorrhiza, mycelium, psilocybin and matsutake are unfamiliar concepts to you, they won’t be for long.

Sonja Löfström (translated by Mira Sairanen)

Language: English, German, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Length: 90 min
Age Limit: K12
Year: 2021
Production Country: Switzerland

Director: Marion Neumann
Producer: Luc Peter, Katia Monla
Production Company: Intermezzo Films SA
Editing: Marion Neumann, Orsola Valenti
Cinematographer: Marion Neumann
Music: Olga Kokcharova
Sound Design: Olga Kokcharova